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Charlotte Rae

Edna Garrett
played by Charlotte Rae

  • Hometown: Appleton, Wisconsin

  • Age: 70
  • Occupation: School Dietrition, Business Woman, Nurse
  • Hobbies: Giving advice

Get the hell out of here before I beat you with my frying pan!

FACTS ABOUT THE CHARACTER EDNA GARRETT Mrs. Edna Garrett is is a sensible salt-of-the-earth type. Born and raised on a Wisconsin farm and not highly educated except to life, She has two adult sons. She's been in the Peace Corps. She's divorced, her ex-husband a vaudevillian and a compulsive gambler, which, is why she left him. In 1986 Edna remarried and went to Africa to join the peace corps. Beverly Ann, her sister took her place. After a stint in the Peace Corps with her husband, a widowed Mrs. Garrett is headed back to America in 2001, ready for a new life and new romance, and looking forward to seeing the girls again.

FACTS ABOUT ACTRESS CHARLOTTE RAE Charlotte Rae was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on April 22nd, 1926 as Charlotte Lubotsky. Growing up, Charlotte Rae claims she wanted to be a star just so she would feel like she fit in. To that end she moved to New York City where she met and eventually married composer John Strauss. During her early years she rubbed elbows with other young actors such as Paul Lynde, Uncle Arthur from Bewitched, and Cloris Leachman, her one-time NYC roommate who would later replace her on The Facts of Life. The five recent programs she has starred in are Crime in Connecticut: The Story of Alex Kelly (1999), Nowhere (1997), Tom and Jerry: The Movie (1992), Save the Dog! (1988),and The Worst Witch (1986).

Mail Charlotte a letter You can write Charlotte Rae a letter at:
10790 Wilshire Boulevard #903
Los Angeles, CA 9002-44448
or try a new address
8721 Sunset Blvd. #208
Los Angeles, CA 90069

Charlotte had and interview with Lew Irvin Reports in 1984. Click on the link to listen to the interview.

Where is she today? Charlotte is still acting and currently residing in California with her husband. She recently starred in a Paper Mill Playhouse Musical; Pippen.She has also done promo's for Nick At Nites 2000 Unhidden Mysteries Marathon for the Facts of Life. You'll also get to catch her as Edna Garrett on the upcoming Facts of Life Reunion. Today Charlotte does little acting and spends time with her children and grandchildren.


Charlotte Rae (tvtome)

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