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Facts of Life Links
Links to other "Facts" related webpages on the web.

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The Facts of Life Web Site
The dot com site.

The Facts of Life Site
Take a notalgistic journey through the world of this 80's sitcom. Find Cast Biographies, Picutres, Videos, Sounds, Episode Guide, and much more.

Internet Movie Database
The Internet Movie Database's entry for the Reunion

The Facts of Life Online
Check out Sitcoms Online Facts of Life page.

The Facts of Life Experience
A site dedicated to The Facts of Life.

The Facts of Life
A site dedicated to The Facts of Life.

Fantastic Facts of Life
A new site dedicated to The Facts of Life.

The Facts of Life Picture Gallery
This site has a neat background with some photos.

The Facts of Life
Tim's Tv Showcase of The Facts of Life

The Facts of Life Archives
Another Facts of Life page, it mostly features Articles!

The Facts of Life Fan Fiction
The one and only site dedicated to fan fiction for Facts of Life on the net.

The Blair Warner Project
Humorous homage to the mysterious and creepy horror film attempts to trace the whereabouts of the character from Facts of Life.

Diff'rent Strokes Online
Facts of Life spun-off of this show.

Cast Related Links

Charlotte Rae
A site dedicated to Charlotte as Mrs. Garrett.

The Official Lisa Whelchel Site
Dedicated to the woman who played Blair Warner on Facts of Life.

The Unofficial Kim Fields Fan Page

Mindy Cohn Fan Page
A site dedicated to Mindy the character Natalie Green.

Other Links

ABC Network
The station that aired the movie.

TVT Records
Buy the original Facts of Life theme song here!

Columbia House
You may buy full length Facts of Life episodes here.

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